Our Story

Denise Cellier and Bruce Schultze

Hi – I’m Denise.  Bruce and I are the owners and experts of all our inventory.  One trip around the store and you will understand why we never get bored.   We are located at 2720 Devine Street in the revitalized Shandon Neighborhood, close to the downtown area near the University of South Carolina – home of the Fighting Gamecocks!  Our core products of upholstery are available in hundreds of fabrics and leathers from a dozen manufacturers.  In addition,  it wouldn’t be Bohemian without the many gifts, lighting and accessories from around the world curated with an experienced and artful eye.  Experience the uncommon.  Select the exceptional.


~ Denise Cellier and Bruce Schultze, Owners

About Bohemian Home

Bohemian Home is known for its highly curated and unique selection of furniture, lighting, art and objects. Our Stressless recliners are the cornerstone of our contemporary furniture. We feel the amazing collection of wall art, clocks, jewelry, irresistible gadgets, accessories for home and office and original folk art from around the world will certainly enrich your everyday life. The exceptional shopping experience you are sure to have is second to none.

So, what is Bohemian Home's philosophy?
It truly is the Bohemian Style which is:

A willingness to experiment

A taste for vitality and self-expression.

Early Bohemians - William Morris, Augustus John, Bloomsburg Group

Creative energy to create a unique individual look.  Never dull – lively and idiosyncratic, eclectic and exuberant. Forget about following fashion, it’s all about enjoying yourself.  The dictionary defines “bohemian” as an artist or writer, or anyone who sets social conventions aside for a heady blend of personal liberty and decorative originality.   Examples of those people are the travelers and social gypsies from London’s Bloomsburg group in the 1920’s and N.Y. beatniks in the 1960’s.  Throw away the rulebook and live life on your own terms.  Not the bland uniformity of the mass market and tyranny of popular taste, but a new freedom of expression – that is a little bohemian spirit in everyone.

And that bohemian spirit in everyone is just asking to be let out.  Go your own way.  Self-expression as a creative energy.  Caring less about what other people think and more about what you really feel. Something made from nothing, magic conjured from the everyday, the ultimate antidote to what is a tolerant way of life, what artists have always had a natural aptitude for.  Playfulness that recalls day at youthful experiment, a devil may care attitude but be assured that Bohemian Style can survive well past the student years.  In fact, some of us never grow out of it.  It is more a way of life.

Bohemians, by definition, are true originals, mavericks, even rebels.

Unique furniture, quality brands, one-of-a-kind pieces. Bohemian Home.

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10am – 5:30pm

  Monday – Saturday

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2720 Devine Street, Columbia, SC 29205 USA